Chemtrails – We arnt being told the full story, my journey as a citizen.

I am an Australian Citizen. I have mention this at the end of all my blogs, and I am very proud to be.

What I am not proud of is the lies and deceitful activities of the government and companies. I speak with many people in regards to chemtrails, and to be honest most do not believe that it is true or that there is something sinister.

I do believe that it is true and that there is something sinister. My only aim is to get people to firstly see what is happening the skies and question why it is happening and why we would be told against something so big.

As an Australian i have found it hard to get in contact with other bloggers or Australian websites who are concerned about Geo-engineering. I have decided to write about and document by progress so far with finding out information. I have since contacted my local council with a response the following day. This response from a gentleman mentioned that these were not chemtrails but were condensation trails. When I asked if he had any written evidence or had confirmed this he mentioned no but that it was his strong belief. This then prompted me to contact Air Services Australia. Below are two responses back from air-services Australia. Please if there are people out, leave your comments, advice and other info for me. I will post the third response back from the Deputy General Counsel in an up and coming blog.

We must question more

An Australian citizen, husband and father of two. (responses below


Hi M,

Thanks for your email.

 What you are seeing are contrails, which are line-shaped white cloud-like streams of condensation that are sometimes visible behind jet aircraft.

 We recommend you read both the ‘Condensation trails’ page and the ‘Contrails factsheet’ on our website for more information about contrails.

 Regards, Aimee

Airservices Media
Airservices Australia
media line
02 6257 2828


Dear M,
Thank you for your enquiry, we understand that you have concerns.
The photos you sent through are of condensation trails, when the water vapour and sulphur particles from jet engines turn to ice at high altitude where the temperature is far below freezing. Condensation trails can last in the atmosphere for hours under the right conditions. The length of time a contrail remains in the atmosphere depends on the level of humidity in the air, when the humidity drops, the ice particles evaporate and do not reach the ground.
Close to Melbourne Airport, Melton is located under a number of different arrival and departure flight paths but there are also a number of flights that fly over Melbourne Airport (Melton) at a high altitude, for example, to and from New Zealand. This high level of high altitude air traffic would explain the regular occurence of condensation trails over the suburb.  During the warmer months (spring and summer) on the east coast of Australia, humidity levels are higher so you will see more condensation trails formed than at other times of the year.

If you would like to know more specific information on a particular flight, please contact our Noise Complaints and Information Service ( who can provide more specific information on aircraft movements and flight paths. We hope this answers your inquiry.

Kind regards,

Larissa Kaye

Corporate and Industry Affairs

25 Constitution Ave, Canberra ACT 2601

t 1300 301 120 | t +61 2 6268 4111



Ebola Where Did you Go? – Just like the Rest of the Big issues that Disappear

Some Months ago now I was greatly worried about the quick spreading & disastrous disease Ebola. I was more than concerned about what it could do to our country, other countries- the entire world.

How could I not be worried??? The quick spreading outbreak in Africa was all over the news. It was spoken about for great lengths on the morning, it was talked about on radio, it was in the newspapers, front page of news websites. Simply It was everywhere.

Then it began to progress even further. A case of Ebola was reported in America. Headlines reading ‘World Wide Outbreak’. There were other suspected reported cases in America & Spain as well as Australia. Headlines reading ‘UN must send support & aid to Africa’,’Ebola to increase in other countries’,’No cure for Ebola’. At this point in time, I had well passed the worried stage.

6 weeks later…. Nothing….. Not one report….Not one mention on the radio…..Barely a paragraph in the newspaper.

Why is this? Has Ebola epidemic been cured??

It seems again that mainstream media has done an excellent job at placing fear into listeners and the wider public. Why would this be? The only conclusion that I can come to is to make money.

Yes, I understand that as a business they are required to make money, but isn’t the job of the Media to also inform and bring attention to the issues that need them? Possibly to enable the people and the and local and worldwide governments to come together to solve problems such as this.

My fear is, that once the mainstream media has made every cent it can from something as deadly as Ebola… Many people continue to suffer and die from this disease due to over crowded hospitals, under resourced countries, and corrupt governments.

It is reported that in Africa, Ebola is so widely spread it will be years before it is contained and stopped. People with Ebola that arnt showing severe signs are send home and told to remain in isolation due hospitals being un able to cope with the demand.

I have not heard any of this on the mainstream media….so…. has Ebola been solved?

We need to question more.

An Australian Citizen, husband and father of 2.



Chemtrails – Letter to the Council of Melton,Victoria

Hello All,

I recently spoke about the Chemtrails and hence Geo-engineering that is currently taking place without full disclosure to the public.

I am continuously seeing aircrafts come back and forth dumping chemicals into the atmosphere, and without any form of communication via the council I have had enough

I have since decided to write to the local council to begin voicing my concerns. The way of the future is to begin blogging these issues and then start demanding answers from the council. I will continue to do until my voice is heard and something is done to fully explain the reasons behind Geo-engineering.

Below is my first email to the council, in which I hope will I will receive a response. I most likely doubt it, but I have decided now to take up that fight for my children and the future.

To the Melton City council and to whom this may concern.


I am a concerned resident within Melton, and would like to know why chemicals are being sprayed into the atmosphere above Melton and Melton South.


I and many other people continuously see planes travel back and forth dumping chemicals into the atmosphere with what otherwise is known as Chemtrails and geo-engineering.


I have numerous photos to prove this of which the latest photo being taken 19/11 at 4:30ish in Melton South.


Chemtrails and geo-engineering is not a proven science and the fact that this process has not been disclosed or spoken about to Melton residents is of a great concern.

Geo-engineering was proven to whilst cool a particular area it would heat up various other areas that could not be calculated correctly. Geo-engineering websites mention the heating up of the Asia pacific region as a result of spraying chemicals in the air.

No one has the right to poison our atmosphere and poison our soil, our air, our water and our environment. Our atmosphere provides life for us here on earth

I demand to know why this has taken place.

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The Reds are Coming – A Load of Rubbish

The G20 meeting of world leaders is to take place in Queensland this week.

I turned on the radio as per normal to hear the latest news reports…

“4 Russian warships deployed of the Coast of Queensland. Australia is playing down that there is anything sinister.”

“Russia has delivered its own shirtfront, deploying warships off the coast of Queensland. The show of force come amid tense realations between Tony Abbott and Vladimir Putin”

Its funny that I go to bed the night before thinking things are fine, but waking up this morning the news broadcast is mentioning we are on the brink of war with Russia. What an absolute load of rubbish! or for better terms SH*T!.

Listen to the words that are used with this once again fear mongering of Australian citizens. News reporting has becoming so comical these days, and im not quite sure who they think there listeners are? Do people really buy into this rubbish journalism? “warships, sinister, tense relations”. Does mainstream media want us to go to war?

The mainstream media forgot to mention that under law this is allowed to be done, and in fact one ship is actually a tug boat and another is a supply boat.

It outrages me that promotion of war and hate leads todays world rather than one of positivity and calm.

The second news report spoke about the incident involving two window cleaners clinging for life from there faulty hoist at the one world trade centre.

On a cross to a reporter from New York, the reporter mentioned that all of New York would have been nervous when an emergency call would have been placed to 911. He also mentioned that people need to remember this incident (yes a window cleaner) happened at what was formerly the World Trade Centre. It would be nice to know exactly how an American feels about this form of reporting and how it is actually reported in America. But again I find that there is always I constant need to remind us of Terrorists and that we must not lead our lives without fear but one with..

I Listen to that story with a genuine concern that those 2 window cleaners made it out of that hoist safely, not using it as a reminder for terrorism.

We need to question more.

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A concerned Australian Citizen, father of two and husband.

Australia to follow america in silencing whistleblowers and people who speak the truth

I have been reading up alot on whistleblowers and what is happening to them as a result of what they have chosen to do. When I first heard about Julian Assange, I never trully understood what he was about or what he stood for. I think when I began reading up on more whistleblowers and some of the “out of this world” stories that they had to tell I quickly became interested.

I suggest that you look up whistleblowers on the web or search strings such as CIA whistleblower, retired CIA reveals all, NSA whistleblower, and the popular Edward Snowden.

Again I apologise for using refrences from America, but many of the major whistleblowers are from there and I see very clearly that what is happening in America is being implemented here in our great country Australia.

Our government is to pass laws similar to that of America to protect the government and prosecute whistle blowers who divulge information similar to that of Edward Snowden. If you are familiar with Edward Snowden, he has spoken out publically on government spying and how they use information from the web to store in databases.

It is now against the law for someone to let the people know what there government is doing without consent. Lines are again becoming blurred between what is classed as a whistleblower and now sees to silence any person who speaks again against the United States. This is where we are heading.

The only information I was able to find of this was a small snippet from the Herald Sun (which I only buy as the blatant lies are so easily found in this paper).

I struggle to find Australian alternative media where these issues are discussed. Its very hard just to find Australian alternative media. I find it so hard to comprehend that Australia is not talking about its freedom and rights are being taken away.

We need people who are not afraid to speak up and highlight what is happening to this country. Sadly enough I dont think that there is many.

The world wide web is a double edge sword. It can be the face of much that is evil and yet the greatest tool to communicate your message to all kinds of people.

The reason why I started this blog. Blogging is the voice of the change. Please spread the word.

we must question more

A concerned Australian Citizen, husband and father of 2.

Change the channel and turn off mainstream media

It has been approximately 2 years since what i call ‘woken up” to the falsities of the mainstream media.

I started this blog not for anything other than to promote what is happening to our world and my country. I remember the first few times a work colleague explained to me the truth behind the 911 tragedy and who was really behind it I thought he was insane. I have gone to University, have conservative parents, consider my quite a normal person. I now truly believe that the American government was involved in 911 and would like to share my experiences with other people.

As I began to read more and watch more it felt like someone had flicked a switch and from then on I was hooked onto what is called alternative media.

It became all too obvious how mainstream media is brainwashing us into believing its agenda. I dont expect people to believe me and I am far from an expert, but I ask you just to investigate the alternatives and see for yourself. I have no other agenda other than to provide a future for my family and kids and my fellow Australians.

Let me give you some simple examples of stupid mainstream media as well as the convenience of some world events. Im sorry to use events that happened in America, but it seems that many of the significant stories begin in America….

When the Malaysia MH17  incident happened  it was all over the news. I watched the today show on Channel 9 on the morning of the disappearance. The today show interviewed a professor (name has left me), who stated that Vladimir Putin was responsible for the explosion of this plane. At this stage no evidence had been presented. Where was the proof behind this professors statement on the most watched channel in Australia incriminating a president. How is this hate talk allowed on news? Prior to and post his interview, many news reports from overseas (America) reported involvement of the Putin and that he will have to come out with some strong explanation. The mainstream media had already known what side it was going to take and what it was going to report to drive that agenda. Many people that I had spoken to with those few days had the same side view as the media. How can you see two side of the story when you are continuously driven one??

Reported Case of Ebola in America. When the first case of Ebola was reported which was quite some time ago, alternative media predicted that it would enter America. Question the convenience.. This recent outbreak of Ebola is found in South Africa in which a picture has been painted of an extreme  poverty. Of course a deadly disease will break in a place of extreme poverty and ghastly conditions. The first reported case outside of Africa is… Of course America. It couldnt have happened anywhere else other than America. See the convenience. It is always America.

The 911 attacks. I could speak for a significant length of time on this topic with the wealth of information that is currently available on the internet, and it does definitely deserve more than this short paragraph. Put aside all the engineering structural evidence of the buildings, physics of materials, witness accounts and much more. Two buildings collapsed exactly the same way, a 3rd building with government offices collapsed from a small fire which seem to be signicantly light on all mainstream reports on the world trade centre attacks, America went to war straight after these attacks with a country that has one of the biggest oil supplies.. The list goes on. I have listed below anumber of sites and videos that changed my life and open my eyes to the tyranny that exists in this world.

We need to question more

A concerned Australian Citizen, husband and father of 2.

Australia and Chemtrails – We are not being told the full story

Have you heard of Chemtrails? Have you heard of Geo – Engineering?.


Firstly let me tell you that Chemtrails and Geo Engineering is NOT a conspiracy, It is real and it is happening in front of your eyes. Geo-engineering is the modification of the weather, mostly noted by corrupt corporations as the way to control climate change.

Photos of my suburb showing chemtrails. Recognise the straight lines of the clouds and how evenly spaced they are.

Chemtrails are the chemicals that are sprayed into air mostly made up of alluminum which reflects the sunlight away from the earth and hence cool the earth.

I dont want to pretend like I know everything about chemtrails. The question I continuously ask my family, friends and colleages is why if something as serious as spraying chemicals into the air has never been seen or spoken on Australian media, television, radio etc.

Please follow my facebook page also titled Australian exposing media and conspiracies. As you will see the main background picture is the page of Australias main geo engineering website ( Reading through the statement it does not shy away from mentioning that there will be winners and there will be losers in geo-engineering. What does this mean?

Geo-engineering was proven to whilst cool a particular area it would heat up various other areas that could not be calculated correctly. Geo-engineering websites mention the heating up of the asia pacific region as a result of spraying chemicals in the air.

When as Australian citizens were we given the choice to ok this disastrous project. They are beginning to find further and further evidence of soil contamination and plant degradation. Who decided that the governement could play God, just because they have money and power that they should decide what kind of environment we live in.

No one has the right to poison our atmosphere and poison our soil, our air, our water and our environment. Our atmosphere provides life for us here on earth

My close friend mentioned to me that yes he sees it and then he continues on with his life. What do you think could be done by governments once they control our weather? weather control in farming areas to increase drought and prices of food? perhaps weaponise it to force other countries and economies into following the powers that be

Please look up HAARP, chemtrails, weather control on youtube for further info 

We need to question more

A concerned Australian Citizen, husband and father of 220140803_121552_resized 20140803_121601_resized_1 20140803_121718_resized 20140803_122344_resized

Australia Becoming a Police State like America

I read an article in todays Age discussing a mandatory data retention scheme legislation.

Companies will be required to store data including names and addresses, , download and upload volumes, the duration and upload volumes, location of phone calls and internet sessions.

Again, as I continue to do so, I find it funny that this is not of greater concern within the public and how it seems to get passed with great ease through the government.

I may mention that we are not the first to do so, and one of the countries who has introduced this on a much larger scale is of course America.

America is now a police state and much of what is done on the internet is monitored and stored in a mass database to be used to filter out so called terrorists, child abusers and illegal music download.

2 points i would like to raise.  The first being that American citizens are beginning to understand that the american governement is blurring the lines between what is a so called “terrorist”. Please read up and investigate america as a police state and what the U.S. is doing to its citizens and whistle blowers to the terror of the goverment.

The second point i raise, many people mention that if I do not do anything wrong than I do not have anything to hide. I implore you to understand that knowing what you look at from your own home, the private discussions you have with your partners, viewing your financials, knowing who is in your social circle and what they have done in the past can be disastrous.

It can be used by the wrong people for the wrong thing, to blackmail to extort future leaders and future whistleblowers of this country of ours.

We are becoming america.

We need to question more

An Australian citizen, concerned husband and father of 2